The Western Isles

“The Western Isles is for no one but the elementals. A single tsunami, a hurricane, or volcano eruption can devastate thousands of lives. In the Western Isles, those events happen constantly. This place is more dangerous than any enchanted land.” – Travels of Manger

The Western Isles is the home of Awei’s most ancient race, the elementals. According to them, they lived on the Western Isles before it even became an island.

The land consists of a large island surrounded by smaller ones. It’s split among the fire, quakes, sea, and storm elementals.

The storm’s southern lands have mountains far too steep and cold for any non-elemental to climb. Obviously, storms are a common occurrence as well, so mudslides, avalanches, rock falls, and other land changing incidents are common.

The fires have the western mountain range of volcanoes. At night, the whole range glows in a silhouette of fire. Even for non-fire elementals, journeying there is dangerous from the severe heat.

The quakes have the eastern flat lands where they build towns among the walls of canyons and valleys.

The sea elementals live in various lakes, but mostly stick to the shores of the Western Isles.

Dragon legends were founded in the Western Isles and they say that dragons got their powers from eating elementals. However, a dragon sighting in the Western Isles is very rare nowadays. The elementals do their best to scare the monsters away, so it’s believed that dragons live on small islands far from the Western Isles.