“Let the spirits keep their secrets. Faceless have never harmed anyone, and I shudder to think why they cover their faces all the time,” – the notes of a human solider

The faceless are one of the more unknown races in Awei. They live far north above the Winged Graves in what used to be the territory of the horned beings.

They get their names for the fact that they all wear masks. Every mask is unique. It can be animal, an expressive face, or based on objects. According to records all can access, the masks the faceless wear often are themed with where they were born.

There are only rumors as to why these spirits wear masks. Some believe that looking at a faceless’s face could cause harm, or that they are simply hideous. Others theorize that they are a cult of deviants that decided to make their own kingdom.

Of course people have tried asking the faceless themselves if the have the chance to meet one. Their answers vary from, “It’s not my face,” “I don’t have a face,” or “The mask is the real me.”

If anyone knows the identity of the faceless, it’s the deviants. After they defeated the horned beings, the faceless appeared. If they do know the truth, it is a secret they do not share with outsiders.

It’s believed that like elementals and some humans, the facelsss are wind-born. They never have children.