“Dem is known as a paradise to all born within it’s walls. Some are ignorant to the blood spilled outside, while others just don’t care. After all, outsiders are supposed to be lesser than us.” – Myth’s Journal

Dem is the deviant Capital. It is only the only non-elemental city in the world to flourish near the ocean.  For deviants, Dem is a hub of arts and culture with many festivals. Every deviants’ dream is to afford a property within the city walls.

The city was built not long after deviants drove the horned beings to extinction and won their freedom. Rumor has it that the spirits built the city on what was once an enchanted forest due to certain magical sightings and it’s unique flora.

Deviant architecture is known for it’s diamond shaped windows, murals, and rounded walls. A popular form of art in Dem is balloon craftsmanship, which are often seen floating above the roofs of the city.

The palace and base of operations for the royal family is to the southern-most end of Dem. There is a section open to the public that is always crowded with campers. Most who are there are in need healing from the ruler’s magic. Everyone is seen eventually but sometimes have to wait for months to get healed. For some, that is too long or too late.

Despite all being welcome, few spirits of other races visit the city. Citizens can be openly hostile to outsiders and outsiders are not protected by city law. This is also because outsiders fear the worst outcome when interacting with deviants: a war.