“Have you ever seen someone who made your jaw drop from their beauty? I thought such adoration was for fairytales until I met a rainbow. Her hair was a riot of color and her skin was night black with freckles like snow. However, when she saw me, she ran and disappeared.” – A farmer’s journal

Rainbows are one of the most elusive races in Awei, believing that interacting with any outsiders will invite destruction upon them and their land. This belief dates so far back that it’s unknown what began it.

Rainbows live in the southern deserts of Awei. They built a giant wall to keep out outsiders and to keep in their citizens. The only rainbows that can be seen and spoken to elsewhere are exiles of their people.

They are proficient in various magic, which they have named after colors. Red magic is healing, black is destruction, white is creation, green is reincarnation, and so on. Most are born with magical skills and have schools all about various kinds of magic.

It’s theorized by some that rainbows may have shut themselves away from the rest of society due to their magic. They may fear it being used for war or for other nations becoming dependent on them. Another theory is that the rainbows fear the power of the deviants, so they decided to seclude themselves.

The exiles speak little of the society they came from. Some oddly do not remember much of it.