“When humans gained their freedom from the winged beings, Sollast was then called the ‘City of Lost Souls’ by other spirits. There was little faith that they would thrive on their own, but they proved the spirits wrong. ‘The name spirits gave them developed into the name it has today, ‘Sollast.’ It shows the pride of how far they have come.” – Travels of Manger

Sollast is humanity’s largest city and the home of Sollast Castle, where the royal family lives and rules.

When humans gained freedom from the winged beings, Sollast began as an enormous refugee camp at the base of a mountain on the edge of wing being territory. The humans fended for themselves by looting from the defeated winged beings. With the resources found, they built the beginning of a town, and the town slowly grew into a city.

The humans picked their ruler: a man that served directly under Morning as her slave. He was the only survivor, as she used the rest of her slaves’ lifeblood to power her in the final battle against the deviants. He was a symbol of survival and he was also one of the best builders back when Sollast was just a refugee camp. However, he only ruled for a short time as an old king before he passed away and his descendants have ruled ever since.

Another claim to fame in Sollast is the wolves. When the humans lived as refugees, they made friends with the mountain wolves. They hunted together, played together, and protected each other. That relationship made the humans decide to put a wolf on Sollast’s flag and they find the animal sacred.