“Lullabys do not kill or destroy to eat. Some think blood-drinking makes them monsters. But if you meet them, it’s the opposite. They take so little compared to everyone else in Awei.” – Travels of Manger

Lullabys are a purely blood-born race. Unlike the other spirits, they are alike to humans in terms of a shorter lifespan.

A lullaby is typically unmistakable from their looks alone. They are known for their markings that glow in the dark that match their snow white hair. The markings mean a lot in lullaby culture, as it dictates their class, birth, and sex. Soft curves dictate womanhood and sharp edges indicate manhood. The brighter their markings glow, the higher class they are. The less they glow, the closer they were to being born under a waning or new moon.

Lullabys worship the moon and they are nocturnal. Their palace, the Moonflower Palace sits atop a mountain known as Vivid Mountain. They believe the mountain to be sacred, as the creatures born on it are all white like the moon and their hair.

Like certain bats, leeches, and bugs, lullabys drink blood for energy. Far back in history, they killed and drank the blood of animals. Drinking spirit blood was made a crime early on, with hefty repercussions. When humans first arrived, lullabys saw them more as animal than spirit and treated them so until after the Horizon War when Sollast was built.

Now lullabys no longer kill animals. They found ways to drain blood without killing to make blood-packs that sell in markets. Such a process is done in what outsiders call “blood-farms.”

Despite their blood-farms, lullabys still have the ability to put others to sleep with their breath. They originally had this for hunting when Awei was young. Now they simply do not get too near non-lullabys for fear of putting them to sleep.