Horned Beings

“Horned beings were genius inventors. However all that was lost when the deviants killed them all. Their knowledge was either burned or hoarded by the deviant royal family,” – Blood and Battle: A Chronicle of Awei’s Wars

Horned beings are one of Awei’s races turned extinct by the deviants. Now little is remembered about who they were and what they were capable of.

What little that is remembered is that deviants were their slaves. With deviants doing all the hard labor, the horned beings focused on science, art, and ideas. While all the knowledge was burned or taken by the deviants, some facts remain. They mastered sea travel and cured hundreds of ailments. Spirits ordinarily can live hundreds of years, but it’s believed that important horned beings could live for thousands due to their medical knowledge.

As their name suggests, the horned beings found their horns sacred. What art that wasn’t destroyed often depicts them decorating their horns with flowers and paint. They ranged from deer-like, ram-like, to even huge oxen horns.

Deviants were horned beings, but born without the horns. Thus they were deemed an entirely new and lesser race despite their blood relation. The deviants may not say much about how the horned beings lived, but they certainly teach and remember the oppression they suffered under them. For example, how horned being mothers would throw deviant babies into the sea or how deviants were used for certain violent sports.

There are those that believe horned beings still walk on Awei, living in secret as refugees.