The Winged Graves

“Many would agree that the winged beings deserved their fate, but the Winged Graves are a sad place. The homes still stand half destroyed in the trees. You can find bones and belongings scattered among the forest floor. ‘Graves’ is a piece of the name that is deserved.” – Travels of Manger

The Winged Graves were once the lands of the winged beings before they were all killed off by the deviants.

Most of the land consists of enormous trees with branches thick enough to walk on like a path. However, unless you are a winged being or good at climbing trees, the broken down homes are difficult to get to.

There used to be homes human lived in when they were slaves. They lived at the base of the trees, below winged beings and their society. However, those were the homes broken down and turned into the first structures of Sollast.

A famous nonfiction book called “The Forest of Gravity,” was written by a human who got lost in the Winged Graves. The book influenced much of how the Winged Graves is seen in popular culture. In the book, they detailed exploring old broken down ruins. They gathered as much information on individual homes as possible. Many so called “ghost sightings” were also claimed to be seen by the writer.