“For a village next to an enchanted forest, Heathcliff does pretty well. Disappearances are kept to a minimum. Who knows, maybe they’ll become a town one day.” – Travels of Manger

Heathcliff is a human village built first by treasure hunters. The village sits on the boarders of the Emerald Wilds, where it’s believed people can make riches if they explore the enchanted land for gems, weapons, and forgotten history.

It was supposed to be a small trip, but the hunters grew obsessive and refused to leave. Their families eventually moved in and they established trade with Willton. So the village was ultimately unplanned, but made due to a love of adventure.

All the treasure hunters met tragic fates by one day going into the Emerald Wilds and never returning. However their families remained and kept building. Thus the community of Heathcliff was made.