The Moonflower Palace

“Any lover of romance, beauty, and fairy tales dream of visiting the Moonflower Palace. They say it’s the place where you can see the most stars in Awei. All creatures born on the Vivid Mountain glow like they are covered moon dust!” – Travels Of Manger

The Moonflower Palace is a sacred place to the lullabies. It was built on top of Vivid Mountain, where it’s believed to have the best view of the sky despite not being the tallest mountain in Awei.

Lullabies believe that Vivid Mountain is the origin of their birth, as the animals that live there glow much like the lullabies’ hair and markings.

For a while, the mountain was untouched except during lullaby festivals to celebrate moon phases. Eventually a palace was built at the top for the festivals to be held indoors. With the palace, a single road twists from the base to the top for carriages. From the palace are trails that lead throughout the mountain.

The festivals were so grand that the royal family decided to stay in the Moonflower Palace and away from the capital lullaby city, Lullahm. Since the royal family now lives at the top of a secluded mountain, there are rumors that they keep many secrets. Despite the rumors though, the Moonflower Palace opens it doors for many reasons from birthdays, to witnessing celestial events, to congratulating a good deed among the people.

For a long time the palace was off limits to other spirits, humans, and new mooners. However the lullabies have slowly collected exiles from other lands, so such rules are becoming more loose.