Winged Beings

“To young humans, the idea of a winged being is fascinating. After all, everyone has dreams of flight. However, it might have been that very love we have of the sky that made us slaves to them in the first place.” – Naktol’s notes

Ancient folktales say that the first winged being emerged from a massive and un-moving cloud that sat over Awei for an unnatural amount of time.

Winged beings populated Awei since antiquity, before their demise by the deviants. They lived in what they called “nests” which consisted of mansions, houses, and farms built into forest canopies.

Once humans made appearances in the world, the winged beings decided to take responsibility for them. They were fascinated in that humans were animal but had spirit-like intelligence. The relationship between winged beings and humans started like a parent and child, or a teacher and student. It did not take long though for the winged beings to decide to enslave humans. They decided it was better for both parties.

Winged had the same magical abilities as rainbows. Unlike the rainbows though, they did not separate themselves from the rest of the world. Instead, they wanted to shape it. With that goal in mind, powerful black magic users typically ruled their society. Black mages are known to do everything to make themselves more powerful, so the logic was that a ruler would make sure their society would always remain the strongest and most protected.

With black mages getting a negative reputation for their power hunger, the ruler always had a white mage rule by their side. White mages were the opposite of black mages, in which they always empowered people other than themselves. Together, black and white are supposed to hold each other back from taking and giving too much.

As time passed, it is believed that the white mage was only a symbol to calm other nations. The evidence was all in the downfall of the winged beings, as their black mage queen, Morning, went too far to gain power and got all her people killed by deviants.

Morning became infamous for human blood sacrificing to make herself and her people more powerful. However this did not become a concern for other spirits until the deviant royal family visited Morning and never returned. Only two daughters who did not join on the visit were available to continue their family’s genocidal legacy. What Morning did not know is that one of them, Aura, had already trained and drank guardian blood and was ready for war.

In all this, Sky, the white mage queen did nothing. It’s theorized she lost control of Morning or that the two never had a connection in the first place.

When the winged beings lost the war, the only known survivor is Morning and Sky’s infant son. He was kept by Aura and took the record as the youngest Arm to join her war trophies.