“To be born by blood is a privilege that is taken for granted. If means you were wanted and began life with support, unlike the wind-borns.” – Blood and Slavery: A History

Human blood-borns came after the wind-borns. They were the children of wind-borns. Unlike their predecessors, they came from the womb and grew up from babies with a family bound by genetics.

Blood-borns now make most of the human race. After they were free from enslavement from the winged beings, it was the blood-borns that built villages, cities, and created a governing body. If there was any respect for their wind-born ancestors, it was long gone. They became more like the spirits, and saw wind-borns as less than human.

However blood-borns are by no means equal with spirits. To most spirits, humans are the same as animals and their spirit-like intelligence is not a quality that makes them deserve separation from a wolf, monkey, or snake.

Blood-borns are very split on how they deal with spirit-oppression. Many see spirits as monsters. Some see the spirit as similar to themselves, and that they just need to prove to them that they are equal. Others think spirits should be ignored, and that humanity has nothing it needs to prove to anyone.