“There was a time when human wind-borns were treasured like gifts, but now they often die alone in the wilderness or are enslaved by blood-borns.” – Humanity: After Enslavement

The first humans that came to Awei were wind-borns.

To be wind-born is to not show your true age. These humans can have the body of a teenager but the mind of a small child. They began to appear as adults, teenagers, and toddlers in the woods, mountains, and fields.

They only survived in Awei because spirits adopted them and taught them how to live and flourish. However, the spirits had no plans to let the humans become their equals. Lullabies saw their blood as a delicacy and winged beings used them as slaves. Elementals hunted them for sport if they were unfortunate enough to be born in the Western Isles.

It was only when the deviants won the Horizon War that humans gained their freedom. However the wind-borns had a new oppressor, the blood-born humans.

Currently wind-borns are captured and sold by their fellow humans. Some are lucky enough to be adopted by loving people. Most die alone in the wilderness since they are never found.

The term “wind-born” came from the early idea that the wind carried life to Awei.