Emerald Wilds

“There is a voice of a beautiful woman in these woods. I hear her at night while we camp. She sings and I find myself drawn to it. My brothers told me to ignore it, but I saw her. She’s real and I’m going after her.” – Diary next to a corpse in the Emerald Wilds

The Emerald Wilds are an enchanted forest. This means it’s ancient, that enough has occurred on it’s land to render the forest haunted and conscious. This also means that somewhere in the woods there is a guardian, a rare and magical animal whose nature is still a mystery.

All enchanted lands are unique but like most, the Emerald Wilds has barely been explored. Some settlements such as Heathcliff were built around it due to it’s attraction to treasure hunters and adventure seekers. It is a high-risk and high-reward sort of place. Those who wander too deep into the woods often are never seen again.  However there are hidden treasures like old texts, jewels, and weapons that can get enough gold for a comfortable life.

If one thing is certain though, it’s that only fools explore the woods at night.